Alcohol Delivery Service to the United States

deliver scotch whisky to usa

The Whisky Barrel specialises in shipping liquor to the USA. We can ship your own bottles of Scotch, whiskey, spirits or wine from the United Kingdom to your United States address in most states usually within 7 working days.

Maybe you want to send that special gift or ship a valuable sale to a client in the United States of America, or have you bought too many bottles of whisky while on vacation for your hold luggage and don't want the hassle of border control at the airport? Great news, we can handle the logistics for you!

Our service includes FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clearance and US Customs liquor duties paid on your behalf (we complete the customs procedure when your consignment arrives in the USA) and delivery to your door in our specialist glass packaging.

For a quick quote please complete the form below, use our live chat or drop us an email. *please note this service is not for products purchases on our website*

Whisky Bottle Details

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