Lost Distillery

Caroni 20 Year Old 1997 Cadenhead's Cask Strength

ABV: 60.6%
Age: 20 Year Old
Vintage: 1997
Bottler: Cadenheads
Region: Caribbean
Type: Golden Rum
Volume: 70cl



Caroni 20 Year Old 1997 vintage Caribbean Golden Rum from Trinidad. Rare example of the lost rum distillery. Bottled 2018 by Cadenhead's




Caroni Rum

Caroni was established in 1918 as a single estate distillery and had its very own sugar plant that provided it with local sugar cane. The distillery produced a heavy and rich golden rum which it even supplied to the British Navy. Following the demise of the Trinidadian sugar cane industry, Caroni distillery closed in 2002 and was demolished. The Caribbean has a long history of rum distilling which began with the sugar plantations in the 17th century. Each country has its own unique style and, with maturity, shines through a full and intense fruity and spicy flavour. Trinidad and Tobago at one time boasted around 50 distilleries but now there is only one and sadly it’s not Caroni. With the distillery now lost, Caroni Rum is increasingly rare and highly desirable amongst connoisseurs and collectors alike.


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