The Last of Caroni…

News appears to reveal the days of Caroni are coming to an end. The legendary Caribbean distillery, which was closed in 2002 and since demolished, is reaching the bottom of the barrel.

As a lost distillery, casks of Caroni rum were always going to be finite. Now, it seems the final casks of Caroni run have been imported into the UK. Here at The Whisky Barrel we have been fortunate enough to have bottled up some exclusive casks of Caroni as well as having some other fantastic stock. Now more than ever it would appear they will become more collectable. Caroni, the last casks…

TWB Exclusive Caroni

Time to fill your boots? We’ve had some amazing exclusive Caroni casks with our chums at Hunter Laing and the brilliant Kill Devil label. Some have gone but some remain, for now.

A trio of Caroni 20 Year old Kill Devil Exclusives…

The TWB 10th Anniversary special. Teaming up with Berry Bros, we released this special single cask in a vintage label. Love, love, love this Caroni cask and we’re down to the very last bottles. –
Caroni 19 Year Old 1997 Cask #165 exclusive

The Best of The Rest Caroni

As well as our own exclusives, we’ve always keep en eye out for new stocks. limited as they are, sometime a nugget comes our way. A 10 Year Old 2003, some of the last casks tom come from the final year of distilling, and a 1997 vintage. Bristol Classics offer a different label and fine examples of Caroni rum.

A rather special single cask 20 year old 1997 from Cadenhead’s and purportedly one of the best casks of Caroni – 17 Year Old 2000 Cask #R4008.

Grab them while you can!