TWB Presents The Whisky Barrel ORIGINALS® is delighted to present a brand new independent whisky bottling label – The Whisky Barrel ORIGINALS®.

Here at The Whisky Barrel we have a long standing relationship with some wonderful independent whisky bottlers. Now we are thrilled to bring to you, from our very own inventory of casks, the inaugural release of single cask whiskies under the TWB ORIGINALS® brand. Bottled the old fashioned way at cask strength, natural colour and unchill-filtered.

This first release stars four stunning Scotch whiskies, including one well aged single grain from Cameronbridge; an utterly stunning salty and smokey Ledaig; a heavily sherried, rich and spicy Miltonduff and; the hero of the casks, a very heavily sherried Bunnahabhain.

Exclusive to, TWB ORIGINALS® brings your exclusive whisky content.

The Whisky Barrel ORIGINALS® Inaugural Release

This inaugural release of our exclusive new single cask whiskies, features three fantastic single malts and one huge single grain whisky. There is definitely something here for everyone.

Bunnahabhain 10 Year Old | 2009 | #TWB1004 | 57.1%

Where to start. We absolutely LOVE this cask. Bunnahabhain whisky matured in a quality 1st fill Oloroso sherry cask can be one of the top whisky experiences, in our opinion. And we think this hits the mark. Distilled 28th September 2009 and bottled October 2019. Yielding just 292 bottles from single cask #TWB1004 at a lovely 57.1%. Heavily sherried Islay joy.

Dark chocolate, sultanas, cherries and sweet sherry. Black Forest Gateau, more dark choclolate, spices and plum jam. Creme caramel, figs, salty bacon and sweet sherry. Just glorious!

Head over to the product page for more details and to to see an extra special summary by Food & Drinks writer, Rosalind Erskine – Bunnahabhain 10 Year Old 2009 TWB ORIGINALS #TWB1004

Cameronbridge 37 Year Old | 1982 | #TWB1005 | 51.0%

Single grain whisky just loves to mature. Cameronbridge is a behemoth of whisky production, but rarely make out out in single cask form. Aged 37 years and matured in a single refill bourbon barrel this is plenty of whisky for your money. Distilled February 1982 and bottled October 2019 yielding just 164 bottles at 51.0%.

Cask #TWB1005 is a awash with roasted caramel wafers, marshmallow, cinnamon and vanilla. More coconut and milk chocolate vanilla ice cream and crema coffee beans. And indulgent sweet vanilla pods butteries and yet more roasted coconut. Big vintage but an easy sipper.

More exclusive content available on the product page: Cameronbridge 37 Year Old 1982 TWB ORIGINALS® #TWB1005

Ledaig (Tobermory) 11 Year Old | 2008 | 54.4%

From the Isle of Mull and the only distillery on this tiny Scottish island. But from this distillery two distinct whiskies. ‘Standard’ Tobermory and what we have here, the heavily peated version:- Ledaig.

Renowned for having a beautiful rolling smoke character this is no different. This TWB ORIGINALS Ledaig (Tobermory) is aged 11 years old. A February 2008 vintage from a 1st fill Oloroso hoghsead. So we have sherry in here too. Bottled at 54.6%yielding 295 bottles. And the results are stunning.

Cask #TWB1006 is dominated by a lovely peat smoke. Infused with tar, smoked fish, almonds a lovely shine of sweet sherry. Bonfire smoke continues through with more coastal brine sherry notes and waxy dark chocolate. The finish is exquisitely long briny and with more bonfire smoke.

Find out more on the product page: Ledaig (Tobermory) 11 Year Old 2008 TWB ORIGINALS® #TWB1006

Miltonduff 10 Year Old | 2009 | 63.0%

Miltonduff Distillery. A firm favourite among the independent bottlers. Why? Because it more often than not provide a very high quality spirit that certainly enjoys being matured in a sherry cask. So who are we to argue!

TWB Originals Miltonduff 10 year old is another triumph. Distiller July 2009 and matured in a 1st Fill Oloroso Hoghsead #TWB1007. Bottled at a huge 63% and yielding 260 bottles.

This cask give you everything you want from a sherrried Miltonduff. Pear drops, chocolate banana, cinnamon spice and honey all on the nose. Brandy snap vanilla pods and more honey, chocolate and sherry notes on the palate. Honey roast almonds accompany lovely soft, dry, spice and warming finish.

Find out more exclusive content on the Miltonduff product page: Miltonduff 10 Year Old 2009 TWB ORIGINALS® #TWB1007

The Story Behind TWB ORIGINALS®

Established in 2007, The Whisky Barrel has grown into one of the leading online whisky merchants with a global customer base. Whisky is our speciality. With humble beginnings in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, the company is now based in the historic Kingdom of Fife.

Built in 1882 the Forth Rail Bridge spans historic Edinburgh with the Kingdom of Fife embracing the journey of which today remains a family-owned whisky merchant. The bridge is an internationally recognised symbol of Scotland, much like Scotch Whisky. Age-old but still serving us today, much like Scotch Whisky. So we have put a nod to the significance of the bridge on our label.

The Whisky Barrel is also an award winning company at that, receiving a prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise in 2019 allowing us to show off the emblem on these TWB ORIGINALS® bottlings.

The Whisky Barrel Originals® Future

So what will TWB ORIGINALS® bring to you? We select a small number of single casks for release from our very own inventory, only when they are ready. With a careful cask management programme, single malt,
single grain and blended Scotch whiskies, along with a number of casks from international distilleries rest until they are ready for bottling.
The Whisky Barrel ORIGINALS® presents something unique:- single cask whisky never to be repeated. Whisky that is exclusively available at