TWB and The USA Scotch Whisky Tariffs

As you will likely be aware, on the 18th of October 2019 the US Trade Representative (USTR) introduced a Tariff on Single Malt Scotch & Irish whisk(e)y imports into the USA. Although advanced notice was given of the introduction of this tariff, there was a great deal of uncertainty as to where and how this tariff would be applied.

Now the dust has settled and a significant backlog of shipments have been processed, we at The Whisky Barrel hope to provide some clarity for you. Our thanks to our many customers who have been very patient with their orders while we and our shipping agents worked through this significant change to shipment processing. We are now back to normal.

What Does The Tariff Apply To?

The new tariff applies to Single Malt Scotch only. Blended Scotch, single grain Scotch for example, are exempt for this tariff. All other non-Scotch products are also exempt. So for simplicity in terms of what we stock here at TWB:

  • Single Malt Scotch Whisky = tariff

What This Means For You, Our Customer

From a practical point of view, our process of shipping to the USA is still as simple and easy as placing an order online through The list of States we can ship to has not changed with this tariff (see our shipping page for the full list.) Shipments to Florida and Texas may now take between 14-21 days for delivery.

Shipping costs to the USA displayed in the basket and cart, do not include this additional US customs tariff. If your order contains single malt whiskies shipping to the USA we will contact you by email after placing the order to advise if any additional tariff charge is due. You will not have to pay anything further than this and there remains no additional admin required on your part. Delivery is still direct to your door. If you would like to know what the additional customs charge will be before placing your order please contact us.

TWB – Business As Usual

How we process your shipment will not change – as a family business we pride ourselves on being able to process and ship orders very quickly and with competitive prices.

If the situation changes any further, we will keep you updated. We’re not even going to mention Br*x*t.

We hope you continue to shop with us and our wonderful selection of Scotch whiskies. But don’t forget we have a number of tariff-free options with our 45 year old Blended Single Cask Scotch, Girvan 40 Year Old Single Grain, and our range of exclusive Rums available! All exempt from the tariff. Silver lining and all that!

Thank you from The Whisky Barrel family.