TWB Exclusives and Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2020

Last week we were delighted to announce that our very own exclusive Edradour Ballechin 12 Year Old 2005, Signatory Vintage, won a category award. In this years 2020 Whisky Bible it was awarded the best single cask Scotch whisky aged 11-15 years and under, with a whopping 96 points. Unsurprisingly, the final bottles have now gone. But don’t fear, we had some other big scoring drams in the ‘Bible’ too.

TWB Exclusives – Liquid Gold Awards

As well as the top rated whiskies, whisky of the year etc, every entry that scores 94 points or above is given a so-called, Liquid Gold Award. In Jim’s words anything that scores 94 or above are “superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live“. Now, whether you agree or not with Jim’s final picks for World Whisky of the Year, he has vast experience and knowledge of whisky. So when it comes to tasting and scoring small batch, single cask releases which are in their nature one-off and unique, it is worth taking note.

We have been fortunate again this year that three of our entries won liquid gold awards, including the category winning Ballechin. You might still be lucky to get your hands on something from here!

96 Points | Edradour Ballechin 12 Year Old 2005 Single Cask #160, 61.5% As we’ve said this won the category award as best single cask for its age range. “A potential single cask of the year” Just epic.

95 Points | Laphroaig 8 year Old 2010 Strictly Limited Cask Strength, Single Cask, 63.4%. We knew this was incredible already and has had some outstanding feedback all round. “Young Laphroaig just being allowed to be itself…!” “What a classic!”.

94 Points | Cambus 30 Year Old 1988 The Sovereign Single Cask #14857 45.2%. A beuaty”. Another example of single grain whisky showing that when it works, it is a good as any single malt. More great work with our chums at Hunter Laing & Co. Still available to buy here.

TWB Exclusives – Some More Outstanding

92 Points | Dumbarton 31 year old The Sovereign 1987 Single Cask #15477 50.5%. Jim describing this as a classic example of the distinct and strong style of grain whisky that Dumbarton held in its time. Sadly a now lost Scottish Distillery. But you can still get a piece of this history here.

92.5 Points | Edradour 10 Year Old 2008 Signatory Exclusive, Single Cask #46, 58.7%. No hiding this from what it is. “a huge, clean sherry butt at work“. No holds bar, heavily sherried Edradour. Full of Christmas cake and spices. Still available here.

87 Points | Strathclyde 30 Year Old 1988, Glasgow Gardens Festival 30th Anniversary, Single Cask #62125, 54.3%. We loved bringing this bottle out. Selected from our very own inventory of casks and for a wonderful anniversary. An easy sipper but in this guide offering some bolder ‘rougher’ edges to keep the whisky enthusiast interested. VERY last bottles available here.

86.5 points | Irish (Cooley) 14 Year Old Exclusive Malts, Single Cask 200503, 50.5%. We entered a 13 year old the year before and its was commended for being bat-shit crazy, in a good way. This 14 year old has scored even higher. A battle of a dram between peat and sherry. Worth exploring and available here.

81 Points | Auchentoshan 21 Year Old 1997 Signatory, Single Cask #2911, 52.4%.

If you are a big sherry fan, then this is for you. Particularly if you like a rougher, bolder and stronger dram. Total contract to this distillery’s usual outputs. Offer the ying and yang of sweetness and bitterness a sherry cask can produce. Remaining bottles available here.

The Whisky Barrel Exclusives

Our thanks again to Jim and the team at the Whisky Bible for entertaining our drams. We are very proud of all our exclusive casks of whiskies and rums. Each one we select predominantly on merit. But that is our opinion. So, to receive such positive feedback from not just Jim but other reviewers and our customers, is greatly rewarding. We’ve plenty more to come.

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