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The independent whisky scene has grown tremendously in recent years. Here at TheWhiskyBarrel we have been delighted to see this part of the industry grown and thrive. They help to offer our customers a huge range of variety, exploration and opportunity for something a bit different. And this is exactly the ethos of the latest Indy bottler to land at TWB. We are delighted to bring to you the Alistair Walker Whisky Company and the
Infrequent Flyers Single Cask Scotch Whisky.

Alistair Walker- Brief Bio

Alistair Walker is a name you most likley either know or are certainly aware of his previous workings. Prior to establishing this new company in 2018, Alistair was an integral part of the BenRiach Distillery Company. Yes, he is one of ‘those’ Walkers! He worked as part of the Walker family and team that helped to lead The GlenDronach Distillery to the dizzying heights it is at now. But while his father Billy Walker took on the reigns at GlenAllachie Distillery, Alistair set his sites on something totally different. We put some questions to Alistair

So, here we are with a lovely new independent bottler taking off. And it is safe to say the Alistair has a wealth of knowledge of whisky. He has a great understanding of cask management and their role in maturing great single cask whiskies. But he also has a great understanding of his customers. We’ve known Alistair for many years through his previous workings so we know quality is a given. We look forward to what The Alistair Walker Whisky Company brings us.

We put some questions to Alistair about his new business, the independent bottling scene and tried to tease out any teasers about his inventory of casks. Read the Q & A > HERE <

Infrequent Flyers Scotch Whisky

So, here we go. The inaugural launch from Alistair Walker – Infrequent Flyers Single Cask Scotch Whisky. The ethos behind this new brand is centred around one of the key traits of independent whisky bottlers. Giving the customer access to lesser known distilleries. Distilleries that either don’t or rarely release official bottlings. This will reflect the majority of whiskies bottled under this label.

The inaugural release offers a great selection and variety of whiskies, age, style and vintage:

We are thrilled to bring the Alistair Walker Whisky Company into our portfolio of independent scotch whiskies. We wish Alistair all the best with this new venture and what the future holds!

Alistair Walker Whisky Company – Infrequent Flyers Singe Cask Scotch Whisky

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