Exclusive – One Giant Leap, of Whisky!

July 20th 1969. Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew touched down on the Moon. Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the lunar module becoming the first person to ever set foot on the Moon. He uttered the words ‘that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. One of the most historic events and phrases of the 20th century and indeed human history.

July 20th 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. And here at The Whisky Barrel we are marking this occasion with a very special one- off release commemorating the 50th anniversary with a special single cask release. We are delighted to bring to you our One Giant Leap, Deanston 10 Year Old, 2009 vintage 61.6% single cask #WB1003.

Out of This World

So to the whisky. Almost as dark as space. Distilled at Deanston distillery March 2009. Matured in a single American Oak 1st fill Pedro Ximenez hogshead #WB1003.  Bottled in June 2019 and yielding just 276 bottles at 61.6% ABV.

This is a big flavourful dram. Orbiting a richly dark sherried satellite. Chocolate raisins in a Milky Way. Stewed solar fruits and cosmic ripe plums. Long, sweet and spicy moonwalker finish. Take off out of this world! In essence, this is a heavily sherried, stewed fruits ad spicy dram.

Why Deanston and The Moon?

You may well wonder why The Whisky Barrel is marking this occasion and why we chose Deanston Distillery. Well for the distillery, Deanston was established in 1965 during the same decade of the moon landing. It just seemed like a nice appropriate nod to the event. As for the moon landing and TWB? Well, the TWB family has genealogical links to Neil Armstrong. A man with familial links to the South West of Scotland. So there is a personal touch to this release as well.

The Apollo Moon landing in 1969 still remains to be one of the most iconic, scientific and culturally significant events in recent human history. The words uttered by Neil Armstrong are synonymous with the event. Words that still resonate in popular culture today. For any momentous occasion a fine scotch whisky is perfect to toast. For this, look no further than One Giant Leap single malt Scotch whisky.

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One Giant Leap, Deanston 20 Year Old, 2009, 61.6%, #WB1003

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