Exclusive 45 Year Old Sovereign Scotch Whisky

1973. The year the UK entered the latterly called European Union. The Excorcist film release. The Austin Allegro car launched in the UK. All things that today are views as ‘horrors’ for one reason or another. Intentional or otherwise.

However, 1973 also saw this new release of exclusive single cask, blended Scotch whisky begin to be created. And its quite something! We have release a few exclusives with our chums Hunter Laing & Co in The Sovereign livery but this is a departure from those single grains. We are delighted to introduce our Blended Scotch 45 Year Old 1973 Sovereign Exclusive, 51.0% #15894

Big Age. Big Vintage.

Details are important when it comes to this whisky. This is a blended scotch whisky – this means it contains both grain and malt whiskies. Specifically what, we can’t be sure. You can judge for yourself what you think this may hold.

What is more remarkable is that this 45 year blended scotch with this colour, is a bourbon hogshead. Some time spent in a sherry cask perhaps? Alas details such as this are often kept under wraps or not known for old, independent casks such as this. Nevertheless, just savour the colour. It leads to a fantastic dram.

Tasting 1973 Vintage Whisky

Now, we sampled this a while back before selecting it for bottling by Hunter Laing. It was good then and its better now bottled. This is a blended Scotch, with 1973 being the youngest whisky in here, so it has both grain and malt whiskies within. And they compliment each other very well indeed.

The nose is full of sweet raisins and figs. In addition there is a fresh chilled vanilla and strawberry note. It makes for a very enticing and considered nose. The palate offer the same. You can pick the influence of the malt whisky and the grain whisky. Mellow but a wee sharp kick. More lovely classic vanilla notes enveloped in sweet fruits, raisins, milk chocolate, custard and more red summer berries. This carries right in to the finish as well. Mellow, long, sweet and very satisfying indeed.

This is cask strength; natural colour, non chill-filtered. It is also 45 years old and a 1973 vintage. This is A LOT of whisky. There are a number of highly acclaimed whiskies on the market these days that follow suit and have gained a great reputation. This 45 Year Old 1973 Sovereign exclusive can happily sit among them.

Blended Scotch 45 Year Old 1973 Sovereign Exclusive

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