Dumbarton 31 Year old 1987 Exclusive Scotch Whisky

The saying goes ‘age is just a number’. Usually this is in the context of wanting to be younger, not yet finished, plenty left in the tank. In the world of whisky however, age is really quite important. It instantly tells you a little bit of history. Placed alongside a place name and a vintage, you can immediately trace it back to its origins. In Scotland in 1987, Deacon Blue released their first album. Ian Rankin published his first Inspector Rebus novel. And, we think more importantly, Dumbarton Distillery on the banks of the River Leven and River Clyde, was distilling a whisky now presented to you today. We are delighted to introduce to you a new exclusive ‘The Sovereign’ bottling with our chums at Hunter Laing & Co. :- Dumbarton 31 Year old 1987, Single Cask 50.5%.

Dumbarton Distillery Has Gone But Whisky Is Thriving

We have previously released three other exclusive Dumbarton single cask whiskies in The Sovereign label. All have been fantastically popular and mainly because they were fantastic whiskies. This time, we have let this one reach into its fourth decade of maturation. At 31 years old, this really is well aged scotch whisky. In film and television, 30 year old scotch is often the marker for a luxury and premium ‘show-off’ drink. So being 31 takes it up a little notch further. But also it was deemed an extra 18 month stay in the cask beyond its 30th birthday was of benefit to the whisky. And we agree it has been worth the wait.

And let us not forget, Dumbarton Distillery is a lost Scottish Distillery. Closing in 2002 and demolished in 2008 these single cask releases are irreplaceable, irreplicable even. We say it often but single cask releases like this are true nuggets of Scottish history.

Another Enticing Tasting

Our previous Dumbarton single casks have been highly praised. Scoring highly in the likes of The Whisky Bible, Whisky Fun and Malt. This one is another cracker offering yet another varied expression of Dumbarton scotch whisky. In essence, #IndyScotchWhisky doing its thing.

Distilled in March 1987 and matured in a single refill hoghsead #15477. Just 207 bottles yielded from the cask at a very pleasing 50.5%.

A vibrant golden colour whisky which has a nose of apples, blueberries, and molten toffee. Lots of toffee! The palate is soft and sweet with notes of salted caramel, forest fruits and marzipan./ The finish is medium length, with a hint of lingering pepper.

Like our previous releases this is a fantastic drinking dram. A big age is nothing to be scared of here. Time has benefited the spirit. Dumbarton 31 Year Old 1987 Sovereign Exclusive :- a celebration of ageing and reaching those less than glamorous age statements.

Dumbarton 31 Year Old 1987 Sovereign Exclusive #15477 50.5%

Available to buy online now exclusive at TheWhiskyBarrel.com