Springbank 14 Year Old Burns Malt – Exclusive

Springbank Distillery is one of those remarkable, historical places able to boast of footprints in three centuries having survived for the better part of two hundred years. That is an extraordinary achievement for any business, moreover, it has remained in private ownership and passed through multiple generations of a single, local family. 

The distillery was built close to Campbeltown’s busy, bustling harbour in order to capitalise on easy and cheap access to its customers, although this access was slow and weather dependent. The rise of the speedy railways, especially in Speyside, spelled disaster for many of Campbeltown’s numerous distilleries. But Springbank hung on and, despite its substantial distance form modern-day motorways, it is thriving.

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Top quality also depends on a commitment to continual selection of and long-term investment in the best casks for maturation. This commitment has enabled Springbank to release top quality whiskies at a young age or old age, to develop a range of aged releases and vintage releases in its Longrow, Hazelburn and Springbank ranges. Maturation in an eclectic array of casks which have previously sheltered Calvados, Madeira, sherry, port, red wines, white wines, bourbon and scotch impart their subtle colours and flavours to those whiskies and ensures there is a great Springbank to suit most palates.

The Whisky Barrel is delighted to add this 14 year old Springbank distilled in 1998 and matured in a single ex-Jack Daniels barrel #448 to our exclusive Burns Malt range. With great expectations we break the seal and pour a dram…..

Nose: Classic Springbank. Smoke, brine, TCP, huge bourbon vanilla notes, bonfire has, sea salt and sweet barley sugars.

Palate: Huge! Lots of hot spices, barley sugars, very briny with intense peat fire smoke (a touch of young feistey Ardbeg or Caol Ila about it) leading to a long everlasting spicy soft finish.

Buy Springbank 14 year old Burns malt

Buy – Springbank 14 Year Old Burns Malt / 1998 / 54.3% / £61.30 (£51.08 ex VAT)

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