Environmental Policy


The Whisky Barrel online whisky shop is one of Scotland’s leading retailers of Scotch & World Whiskies. Scotland is at the forefront of international environmental initiatives. With this, the company and its staff are committed to minimising the environmental impact of their operations.

As an e-commerce company The Whisky Barrel have a particular priority in ensuring materials used in packaging, which is the company’s main function, are kept to a minimum or zero waste level. This also ensures that consignment weight is minimised reducing the delivery CO2 footprint.

The company regularly reviews its processes to ensure a minimum standard of environmental management is upheld and maintain strict standards similar to the Scotch Whisky industry.

All products are packaged in a manner that ensures safe and secure shipping to the customer with minimum waste. In order to achieve minimum or zero packaging waste, the company follows the following procedures.

Our Commitment to Packaging: 100% Reuse or Recycle.

The Whisky Barrel uses local, Scottish suppliers wherever feasible reducing the companies CO2 footprint.

Where appropriate, incoming supplier packaging is reused to ship customer orders. Packaging which is deemed non-wholly reusable is shredded and reused as filling material.

As an online only business, we practice a paperless system where and whenever possible with our suppliers, customers and internally.

Where any packaging materials are not fit for purpose at all, we ensure they are sent to a local recycling facility.

All staff are encouraged to use sustainable means of transport including public transport, cycling and walking. The businesses distribution warehouse and offices meet all requirements for energy efficiency, including heat retention and heat loss.

All staff are encouraged to follow basic sustainable practices within the premises, such as the use of lights and water.